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"Share Password Checker" acquires the list of shared folders of a Windows 95/98/Me machine on the network and shows you those folders' passwords. This tool also acquires the list of the shared folders for WindowsNT/2000 machines, but it only distinguishes folders who have no password.
"Share Password Checker" uses the "Share Level Password" Vulnerability. And "Share Password Checker" aims to check whether the patch for this vulnerability has been applied to the target host. Please see the topic " Reveal Windows9x Share Password" described on our site for more detail.


Ver. 0.04 (Feb 14, 2001)
Initial release.

Ver. 0.05 (May 29, 2001)
Another password (Read Only or Full Access Password) is shown in the "Password2" column.


1. Input the IP address of the target host, for which you want to know the share passwords, into the "Target IP Address:" box.


2. Push the "Start" button.

The acquired share folder name is shown in the "Share Name" column. The revealed password is shown in the "Password" column. However, the revealed password is shown with '*' characters at first. When you push the "Show" button, the actual password characters are displayed. Also, when you push the "Hide" button, the password is covered again. If a shared folder has two passwords, Read only password and Full access password, SPC shows both passwords. The second password is shown in "Password2" column. Which password is shown in the "Password" and "Password2" column is not fixed. "No Password" is displayed in the case where the password is not set. Nothing is displayed in the case where the password is not found. When an error occurs along the way, the error message is displayed in the message box.


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